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Fantasy Land


I have captured yet again another fantasy football victory. I will be 9-3 by tonight and everyone in my league probably hates me for it. I am in first place and am third in points, although I will move into second in points by tonight. I must say that fantasy football is one of the funnest hobbies out there. When you do your live draft in late August on Yahoo, the adrenaline gets pumpin and you feel what every stock broker feels on Monday morning, what every gambler feels when they place their bets, and what every sky-diver feels seconds before they jump. OK, maybe the sky-diver bit is an exaggeration. But you get the point. There is so much uncertainty about what will take place because you are at the mercy of the players and their conditions, but there is so much curiosity as to how things will work out. And it is all extracurriclar. You pay nothing to play and you get no money to win, which is quite liberating. It’s all about the props for playing your cards right. There are no bluffs and you can do all the reseach in the world and still get shelled. Everyone has their own strategy and everyone wants props. Hmmm hmmm. If you hate sports then it’s hard to understand why fantasy football is like the most popular thing since the invention of the television. Even my girl will get into with me and look up stats and tell who’s doing what. It’s a blast…especially when you’re winning.

However, fantasy football can waste a lot of time. I’ve done very little school this semester because of work, and fantasy stuff doesn’t help. I’m getting into the last two weeks of the semester and I need to strap down and get some work done. I’m missing Kalila and she’s getting crunched as the end of her semester too. I’m really thirsty for the Lord too. Gosh I need to pray more and seek him more. It’s all about perspective.

Culture Breakout


I broke out of my shell yesterday with some seriously good purchases. Before my girl and I went out on a roadtrip to see my dad, I was compelled to go to Newbury Comics and pick up the new U2 CD. In the process, I couldn’t resist the new Nirvana collection that came out recently with newly released demos and takes. By the time I got to the car, I alrealy made up my mind that I was going back in to get Nirvana Unplugged and some Pink Floyd. So I walked out again with Unplugged and The Wall in my hands. Understand that I used to own these CD’s (Nirvana and Floyd) and have wrestled with the secular/sacred music dichotomy in my walk with the Lord; I threw them out in May of ’98 to just have my sister find them and take. Other treasures I tossed so long ago: Phish, Hendrix, CCR, The Doors, STP, Pearl Jam, Zeppelin, the Dead, Lenon… I feel in measure like I’ve awoken from my cultural stupor in the last two years (while I’ve been in seminary mind you). From Church and Culture class to the release of The Matrix: Reload and Revolutions, my paradigms have shifted and the Puritan implimentation of “Technopoly” (educational integration) has taken effect. It will take some getting used to see Matt Redman next to Evanescence and Hillsongs next to Coldplay in the CD case. I think this is something my girl has spent a lot of time thinking about and is a great encouragment in the whole thing. More thoughts on Church and Culture later.

Joyful Reunion


Cannot express the feeling of having things in life just the way they should be. My fiance is back for thanksgiving and this is the first time we’ve been together since our engagment. It is strange on the one hand because you don’t know how to feel or what to do in each situation; but on the other hand it is so sweet to know this is the one. I think it is particulary rare, at least from my limited experience, to have someone whom you know is so much on the same page on almost everything. I mean Kalila justs understands me and doesn’t get upset with me and I don’t get upset with her. Even if she doesn’t make any sense or I don’t understand where she is coming from, I feel like I can always relate to her some how. And we communicate on a plateau that I’ve seen few level on. She’s the kind of person I want to be with in every situation for the rest of my life. Not being together all the time (via school distance) makes it sweet to be together, but sometimes I find myself trying to drop everything else in my life to spend all the time I can with her. I call it love. I consider myself infinitely blessed by the Almighty Sovereign to be experiencing the greatness of a relationship; I know plenty that experience the oppostite.

Oh my gosh, we saw “Unbreakable” on Saturday night…fricken awesome. M. Night Shyamalan is the man. Such a great storyteller. Very few movies send shivers down your spine…even fewer directors do that in almost in film. More on M. Night later.

New Creation


What can I say, I saw my fiance’s online journal along with my friend Jame’s blog and thus exuded Dave’s Exegesis. Can’t think of a better way to kill project time at work and document my mind. Here we go…