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Just Something I Was Thinking About


One thing that seems to be inherent in human nature is that we get sick of things. I think this is part of the curse. I mean come on, we get sick of even some of your favorite things all the time. Variety obviously has its place, but we take things for granted very shortly after we appreciate them. Men and women get sick of their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands, children get sick of their toys, we all get sick of having the same food all the time, teenagers get sick of living the same town their whole lives, even Dr. James gets sick of U2 (a band he actually likes) because of overexposure. Isn’t that interesting? As christians, we get sick of hearing the same teaching, the same gospel, the same worship music, etc. There are very few things we don’t get sick of, or don’t’ take for granted. I do think variety is inherent in human nature, but my point is that we get sick of good and great things. I don’t know how many times I have thought or heard talk about heaven being boring. I used to think when I was younger, what am I going to do for eternity? I told my mom that I wanted to play hockey in heaven. The more I’ve learned, the more I am convinced that even if we were only basking in the presence of the risen Christ and worshiping Him for eternity, that I will be perpetually satisfied and “entertained”. I don’t think it will ever be boring. But in our weekly worship services, we begin yawning after two hymns and 15 minutes of preaching. Granted they may be terrible hymns or a terrible sermon, but we are still worshiping with the people of God. We are still always looking for the next thing. I wonder if this is what Bono was talking about in “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Is he talking about the perennial search for the next thing even though we might already have the best. Do we not see the glory? When take a look at the night sky on a clear evening, I fall in love with the glory and grandeur of it. I wonder where it’s been the past few months. But statistically I know it’s out there at least once a week and don’t care. We as a race of people are very feeble and very strong. Our emotions are almost always strong but our directions are often feeble. I suppose the postmodern output of this is that we are generation of seekers. I think of the opening of The Matrix when Neo is sleeping in front of his computer and his screen says, “Searching…” as both the Agents have begun searching for him and he is searching for the truth. O Well. Whatever. Just something I was thinking about.

New Links


Instead thinking of something good to say for my blog today, I’ve decided to add some more links to the side of my page. Let me make some comments about these:

First, I have added three new sections of links: Church, Biblical Studies, and Theology. Obviously, these are going to be more interesting to Christians, especially the more academic type. However, anyone one who has interest or is curious about such things should enjoy these, for they are some of the best I’ve found.

Second, the church links are generally those whose ministry I would endorse. King of Grace is the church I currently attend in Methuen, MA and Sovereign Grace Ministries is who we are associated with. On the SGM, the Acts 29, and the PCA websites they all list the churches associated with them in different parts of the country and world and should be of benefit to someone somewhere I hope.

Third, I plan to add more links on culture and philosophy, so look for those in the future.

I am amazed everyday how helpful the internet can be. There are billions of sites on everything that can be thought of by human mind. I hope some of the links I list will be as helpful for others as they are for me.

Not Having a Car Sucks


Yet another day goes by that I have to rely on my roommate to give me a lift to work and ask someone at work to give me a ride home. I feel like I’m in high school again. My dad is going to see if Saturn can pick up the tab for fixing my car, but I’ve read some reviews that make me think twice about getting my hopes up. Check out Having a car that sucks also sucks. I’m sick of being busy at work, we are getting slammed. We’ve got to get Jabez into the people’s hands!

I’m proud to announce that 2 good friends have now joined the ranks as bloggers; both Josh and John are now linked to the side of my page and will be great bloggers. Looking forward to their contributions.

I hate working second shift. If you ever get a chance to work it, don’t. The only reason I am working it now is because I wouldn’t have a job otherwise. Maybe second shift a few days a week would be OK, but not full time. I guess I’m surviving but this will not last forever.

38 inches of love


Here’s a blurry picture taken on my camera phone of my roommate today to catalog the amount of snow we got.

Here’s another.

And another.

I think the final tally was 38 inches in next town over, Beverly, the home of our beloved Dr. James and Gentry. At least we were able to get out today.