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Splendid Saturday Evening


Just thought that I would note that Kalila and I had a very enjoyable night tonight hangin out with Dr. and Mrs. James, Jamie, and Rachel. After work Dr. James gave me a buzz to see if we wanted to go the Wildhorse Cafe to kick it and beat the heat (it got up to 96 today with corresponding humidity). We enjoyed an array of food (their famous nachoes, a basket of fries, and some chicken quesadillas), drink (I had the Anchor Liberty Ale, James had an Old Speckled Hen, Jamie had some Stone Cat Blueberry Ale, Brooke and Rachel each had Beach Bums, and Kalila had a Coke), and conversation (from sex and smoking to movies and music). After that we headed over to James and Brooke’s place to cap off the night. We busted out the pipes and I suprised James with a bottle of Sam Adams Triple Bock. It was a comfortable summer night to enjoy Vanilla tobacco and molasses like beer.

Beer Binge


Picked up some goodies at Kappy’s Thursday night. Among them were Ayinger Celebrator Double Bock, Sam Adams Black Lager, Sam Adams Chocolate Bock, and Sam Adams Triple Bock. I had arleady indulged in the Black Lager and Celebrator Double Bock before, but the Chocolate and Triple Bocks were exitedly new to me. Last night my old roommate came over and we did a tasting of the two. And all I have to say is that Samuel Adams is by far the finest brewelry in the western hemisphere.

The Triple Bock I have never tasted the likes of. It comes in an 8 oz. blue bottle and it’s corked. It smells like worcestershire sauce and has no carbonation. I was told by Dr. James to let it sit for a while and that he knows of no one who has enjoyed drinking an entire bottle. This beer is definitely for those who are hardcore. We each only had one or two sips. Maybe that’s why it come with a cork, so you can put it back on after a sip every few months. I think I’m going to let it sit for a long time. If it is no longer good for normal consumption, than it will make a great maranade or for a good beer bread.

The Chocolate Bock was beautiful. It was very similar to the Double Bock that Sam Adams does in the winter. I included the commercial description from Sam Adams below:

For centuries, the worlds finest brewers have created rich, complex dark beers known as bocks. The best bocks, like Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, display many layers of luxurious flavors. For our bock, only hand selected hops from the worlds oldest growing area are combined with a complex selection of carefully roasted malts and a centuries old brewing process. Finally, the beer is slowly aged on a bed of rich chocolate that is especially blended by the master chocolatiers at Scharffen Berger Chocolate. This aging on special chocolate creates a flavor like no other. I hope you enjoy sharing the unique drinking expierence of this Limited Edition Brew.

Very delicious, and perfect with a mild cigar. The only problem is that it is $15.00 for a 25 oz. bottle, so it is only for occasions.

Other beers I have tried lately: Chimay Bleu, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, and Shipyard Brown Ale. The Chimay Bleu is an extremely sophisticated brew that seems to have tons of character. Don’t know if I’d drink it on a normal basis. The Old Rasputin is as bitter as they come. We mixed the Old Pasputin with an ale and it was great. The Shipyard Brown Ale was a very good beer. I need to find it around here some where.

Found two good sites for rating beer through Dr. James and my friend Brian:

Some Picks


OK friends, you can view some picks on an archaeology blog done by some of Kalila’s friends at the link below:

Once we get our act together, there are many picture blogs on the way!