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Not to Be Left Out


Two Key additions to the list of one volume biblical theologies that should not be left out:

Everything You Want to Know About the Bible by Peter Downey & Ben Shaw
Salvation to the Ends of the Earth: A Biblical Theology of Mission by Andreas Kostenberger & Peter O’Brien

I’ve added them to the previous post and linked the bost under Biblical Theologies.

When Is this Snow Going to…


I just got done shoveling. Here’s what I look like now:

The New Standard Has Arrived


Here’s the review I’ve done on this book:

For years, Gordon Fee’s trustworthy New Testament Exegesis has been the college and seminary standard as an introductory guide to the topic. I believe we have a new standard with the phenomenal work of Richard Erickson. Although covering the same ground as most books of its kind, A Beginner’s Guide to New Testament Exegesis is extremely readable and well organized. From textual criticism, grammar, and discourse analysis, to historical backgrounds, genres, and preaching, Erickson meets us with a refreshing accessability and a light-hearted candor. As Don Hagner says in the endorsement on the back, do not be fooled by that fact that this is a user-friendly approach. This book is of the best quality in its orientation, instruction, and information. Perfect for use with any student of New Testament exegesis.



This what I’ve been working on lately, but don’t tell anyone.