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Confirming What I Already Believed


I have been thinking a lot about the “Law of Moses” the past 4 years, because I have been so drawn to the discussion of the so called “New Perspective” on Paul. One thing in particular that I have been coming to a concensus on in my own mind, is that when when the New Testament writers refer to “nomos,” they are primarily speaking of the Mosaic Covenant as a whole. This gets extremely thorny once you look at the letters of Paul, specifically Romans and Galatians. My friends out there who hold to the historical “Law/Gospel” distinction may find my reading troublesome, as I would say that I hold to a “Old Covenant/New Covenant” distinction. There is certainly overlap in our perspectives, and I generally believe we would have similar if not identical conclusions about Sin and the nature of Grace. It was good to finally hear someone else say this, even if only in passing. I have been listening to N.T. Wright’s lecturePreaching and Teaching from Romans: New Exodus, New Creation, New Humanity” that he did at Calvin Seminary a while back. He makes the comment:

Torah, yes, not just law in the abstract. Not, please, Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative. When a lot of people say “Law” in Post-enlightenment, Western world, they are thinking not about the Law of Israel, the Law of Moses, but some sort of principle of “Law” in general. No, when Paul uses “nomos” in every single use in Romans, he means the Law of Moses.

More in the future on this since I am writing a paper about the concept of covenant in Paul.

404 Error


At work I stumbled upon an interesting book on lexicography that will be coming out later this year by David Crysal called Words, Words, Words. I found this interesting blurb in the sample pages about the 404 Error message:Everyone logged on to the Internet will have encountered this message sooner or later. A ‘four-oh-four’ error. It tells you that your browser has made a faulty request to a server, typically because a page or site no longer exists. But why 404? The expression derives from the ‘file not found’ message sent out as a response to a faultyenquiry by staff at CERN, in Switzerland—the place where theWorld Wide Web was devised. The members of staff worked out of room 404.

Extended uses of the word soon followed, especially in the spoken language of the computer fraternity. As an adjective, applied to humans, it came to mean ‘confused, blank, uncertain’:

You’ve got a 404 look on your face
(or ‘stupid, uninformed, clueless’).
You’ll never get an answer from that 404 headcase
(or ‘unavailable, not around’).
Jane’s 404 (i.e. not at her desk).

And as a verb, it began to mean ‘make no progress’:
I’m 404-ing on that new code.

The error message continues to appear on our screens, so we cannot ignore it. We can therefore expect more uses to emerge, as time goes by. And to see it in dictionaries. (It has already been logged for inclusion by the Oxford English Dictionary.)

Million Dollar Bomb


You all know how much I love Bono. But last night we tried hard to watch the movie that he wrote called “Million Dollar Hotel“. Of course U2 did the soundtrack and made a cameo appearance in the movie, but that didn’t stop this movie from going no where. Although it has a very interesting cast (including Mel Gibson, Jimmy Smits, Milla Jovovich, and Jeremy Davies), and was done by a pretty reputable group (Icon), the story is just not interesting. We gave a solid 30 minutes of viewing before we just had to turn it off and go to sleep. Who knows, I might finish it tonight; but it’s not likely…By the way, thanks for reading my 100th post!

The Best Things in Life are Free


Whether I have been in a jam because my work computer doesn’t have a certain program available, or whether I have been too cheap to pay, I have found a vast array of high quality free software online. I thought I would share the best of what I have found.

I was tipped off about Firefox about a year and a half ago by Dr. James and have never looked back. It is by far the best web browser available. It is slick, intuitive, and has a built-in search bar. You can select from an endless list of skins to suit your fancy, you can add how ever many search sites you want for your search bar, and you can add a ton of extensions for weather, music, etc. Must have.
If you are sick of Windows, or want a Mac but already have a PC, the answer is Linux. Linux is a free, open source Operating System that has everything included. It is multi-faceted so you can make it look like Windows or Mac. As a matter of fact, the Mac OS is wrapped around Linux and adds its stuff on to it. Linux takes a lot more motivation and elbow grease, but once you know what you are doing you probably won’t go back.
This is exactly like Microsoft Office, but free. It was done by Sun Microsystems, the same people that do Java. So if your PC only came with a sample of MS Office or just MS Works, you can snag the program and have everything you need. MS Word is still tough to beat, but this a great alternative and allows you to export files as PDF’s. Plus it’s free.
If you want Bible software but have no cash, or want a program that runs a little quicker and can handle simple searches, get yourself the E-Sword. You can download the Greek (NT and Septuagint) and Hebrew, as well as good translations like the ESV for free. Also has other classic references tools, like Bible dictionaries and commentaries.
If you like to record stuff or tweak certain audio files that you have, Audacity is yours for the taking. You can edit to your hearts delight and convert WAV files to MP3 and visa versa.
Want to find directions when you aren’t online or see a satellite picture of your friends neighborhoods? Google Earth will do this and more. This is almost too much fun.
Also by Google is this nifty picture viewer/editor. It looks sharp and helps you make your pictures look sharp.
CDBurnerXP Pro

If your computer has a CD/DVD Burner but no software, or the software is too hard to use, CDBurnerXP Pro is more than adequate. It is very intuitive and efficient.
Everybody hates spyware and viruses yet always has them. What Ad-Aware cannot do, Windows Defender can do. Wouldn’t you want your spyware done by the company that makes your operating system (atleast for over 90% of people)?

I know this pretty much comes on everybody’s computer anyway, but I really think this is the best audio/video player. It is easy to use and can play any kind of file you need played. ITunes is good, but extremely limited, as is Quicktime (both of which you much download together, even if you want one or the other).

Of course there are many more than these, but this is a good place to start. For a great site on free software check out