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I Heart Radiohead


Sorry I’ve been such a slacker this month! I’ve been meaning to post about Radiohead since Kalila and I went to their June 4th show at the Bank of America Pavillion in Boston, but haven’t found the right picture to accompany it till now. We had wanted to see Radiohead for the longest time and finally got our chance as they decided to do a short tour this summer before their new album comes out early next year. It is quite rare for a band to tour in order to test their new material rather than just tour after it is released. I have to say that this was probably the best live show that I’ve been to of any artist. I think what helped was the venue being the BOA Pavillion which is an outdoor tent that seats about 5,000 people and doesn’t really have a bad seat any where. We paid a $100 each ticket and would do it again for this band, no questions asked. The sound was crisp, clean, and intelligent. Their look was modern, simple, and complex. I am glad to finally say that I have seen them as they are one of the greatest bands of this age.

Set list:

01 There There
02 2+2=5
03 Lucky
04 15 Step
05 Arpeggi
06 Kid A
07 Dollars And Cents
08 The National Anthem
09 Nud
10 Videotape
11 Paranoid Android
12 Spooks
13 The Gloaming
14 House of Cards
15 Idioteque
16 Bangers ‘N Mash
17 How To Disappear Completely

Encore 1:

18 Airbag
19 Street Spirit
20 Bodysnatchers
21 Everything In Its Right Place

Encore 2

22. 4 Minute Warning
23. My Iron Lung
24. Karma Police

Here are a few good Radiohead sites: (official) (official)
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Look out for:

Thom Yorke’s new album, “The Eraser” see
The band’s new album