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Pretty Much the Greatest Album Ever


Radiohead’s latest In Rainbows is pretty much the greatest album ever. I say that tongue and cheek but it could be true. Definitely their best so far since I think it draws on so much of all their previous work and masters it. Perhaps that is the nature of this album because about half the songs have been floating around unreleased in their touring repertoire for about a decade (we heard them in June ’06 at the BOA Pavilion). That being said, there is a great flow, unity, and cohesion to the first 10 tracks they have released (there are 8 tracks on a bonus CD that will be released in December) with a blend of their varied musical resources. A few words come to mind of characteristics that find their way acutely into this great soundtrack: texture, layers, progression, and transition. The 4th track, “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi,” typifies all of these elements woven together. In Rainbows also dashes through various emotional fields, ranging from relative “upbeatness” (yeah, even happy/fun at certain points) in “15 Steps” to relative “angsty/punkyness” in “Bodysnatchers” and “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” to more slow/sober in “All I Need”, “Faust Arp”, and “Videotape”. I would suggest only listening to this album in sequence to capture the full flavor. My favorite track is number 7, “Reckoner”. I consider it their holy of holies. Overall, a beautiful Radiohead symphony of movie soundtracks that could bring you to tears if you listened hard enough. It’s really not fair to have access to music this good for $2.50 from the band’s own website. Then again, it is not fair they are charging over $80 dollars for the disc box coming out in December. But do yourself and favor and get over to, pick a price, and download. Also check out a great fan site for more info,



Thanks for your patience as I’ve certainly been on a blogging sabbatical. Or you could call it a creativity sabbatical too. The past few months I’ve been hooked on golf for some strange reason. I’ve spent much time and money at the driving range and a couple dvd’s on the fundamental golf swing and golf fitness. I’ve also been listening faithfully to the Golf Smarter Podcast and watching many hours of the Golf Channel. I suppose professional golf is my goal at this point, but I’m hoping cooler weather and budgetary concerns will temper this interest back to sanity.

Work has been crazy the past few weeks as we just ended our fiscal quarter/year. I’m glad that is finally over and we are back to relative normalcy.

We’ve been taking a break for church the past month and a half as things have been super busy for all of us. Hopefully, we should begin meeting again. 10/4 marked a year that we’ve been gathering.

Kalila has been in classes for the past few weeks. She is taking 3 classes: 1 Monday evenings, 1 Tuesday/Thursday in the afternoon, and 1 Saturday mornings. Her Monday night class is her favorite. It’s an American Lit class I think, but her prof is very intelligent and can teach well. He actually taught them about Jonathan Edwards.

Right now I am at my sister’s house in the Seattle area. My dad and I are visiting my little niece Julia who is 16 months old. She is the cutest thing in the world I think. I’ll put some more pics up soon. Also got to visit Mars Hill Church yesterday. I’ll be back tomorrow to work a half day and get to see my wife for the first time in 4 days!