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Enjoying the Silence


Two reasons blogging has been slow this year are that my interests in the past few months have been primarily golf and politics.  These are just so out of character for me.  I swear, if I were still in the seminary/church loop that I would not have time to talk or participate in either.  If golf hadn’t fascinated me so much, I would probably have joined a tennis league, which I suppose I could still do.  I generally don’t know what to believe or who to trust when reading and listening about politics, but I have been reading all of the coverage from the NY Times on the Democratic Primary.  It is just an amazing case study and/or entry point for many in participating in the primary process.  I can see why many get caught up into the political season, because it is a different kind of sport.  The game is about words and image and the match-ups occur state by state.  It is fun to see the results come in as you route for your candidate: “Come on Indiana, count those last few counties and bring it over the top!!!”  We all have our pet issues that delineate our deal-breakers for each candidate and we all have our character preferences.  I personally would like a candidate that is brilliant, with uncanny people and speaking skills , the ability to admit mistakes and save face, the ability to educate and teach Americans what is really going on with the political processes instead of walking all over our ignorance, one who balances both a short-term and long-term perspective of policy, one who hears matters carefully and exegetically, a critical thinker who can argue points clearly and tactfully, one who surrounds himself with great minds but is not controlled by them, and most importantly, one who is steeped in world history, american history, presidential history, modern history, military history, economic history, and is continuing to learn.  But, my guess is that some one like that would never run for president.  Obama might be closer than the other candidates, which is why I will probably vote for him, but he still has quite a bit to grow in to.  That is really the shame of the timing of these things, because if Obama has a bit more time, he could sharpen the things I’d like to see.  Well, time is of the essence, and now is his time, albeit a little pre-mature.  He certainly surpasses the other options.  And ultimately, we only know what we are exposed to, and all we know of any candidate is what we read and hear from/about them.  So all the progress I have made, perhaps, is that I read (NY Times, The New Yorker, Reason Magazine) and listen (NPR, PBS, & BBC) to better sources then I have in the past (The Union Leader, WTKK, & FoxNews).

But, as you can see, learning about 2 topics that have been pretty foreign to me until last fall has contributed to keeping my blog relatively silent. But rest assure, although I could go on and on about politics, I find golf much more interesting because there is more concrete information to learn.  Politics is simply a glorified ad campaign centered around a person or group.