keeping an eye on the tree and the forest

Dave's Exegesis is my eclectic site of exegesis on pretty much everything I can think of, whether biblical studies, theology, music, movies, culture, food, drink, sports, or the internet.

About Dave


My name is Dave Herring and I live in Beverly, MA. I am a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (MDiv), The Master’s College (BA), and Word of Life Bible Institute (Dip).  I am married to a beautiful God-lover, Kalila, and look forward to a life of ministry with her.  I currently serve as a pastor and the webmaster at Haverhill Community Church and I teach a class on Wednesday evenings.  My interests include, but are not limited to, New Testament studies, biblical theology, culture, fantasy football, Tolkien/Lewis, good movies, good food, and good books. “I blog because I choose to” (my common answer to the “why” question).

I originally started at (, but my ambitions got the best of me the more I’ve been interested in Web Development so I purchased a URL and have started to be more serious about a personal site.