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Blog Comments: Windows into Our Souls


Among other things, the internet is a medium for communication.  Blogs are one of the those outlets for communication.  I have been reading blogs for the past 7 years, and I have had a blog for the past 6 years.  One thing I love and hate about blogs are blog comments.  I love them because they are opportunities for good discussion, interaction, and information.  I hate them because sometimes the comment threads never end and people simply go back and forth debating with very little accomplished.  Then, when comments are shut off on posts, people begin to think that blogger isn’t open-minded or has something to hide (it’s a power move).

Most often, bloggers don’t shut off comments because they are not open-minded, but because the comments have gotten ugly.  After having ignored comments on so many posts and articles that I have read online and then returning back to read them selectively, it occurred to me that blog posts can reveal our hearts in profound ways.  Duh, call me “Captain Obvious” for this “stunning revelation”.

As someone who is trying to understand what motivates people, I’ve simply ignored blog comments as a window into this because I often don’t like what I see.  Friction-filled blog comments (and reality shows) have had a repulsive effect on me.  Why?  Do I think I am better than these people?  Is it because I don’t feel that I have an answer?  Is it because I do feel that I have an answer but won’t be heard?  Most of the time I simply can’t stand the poor ways in which some people communicate with each other.  It is ugly, and I don’t like to look at ugly things.

Of course, without any voices narrating the comments, I am left to narrate them the best I can.  Either way, blog comments are reactions, and reactions are large windows into people’s souls.  So if we care about what motivates people, we have something to learn – especially when it gets ugly.  So if you have time, perhaps keep this in mind the next time you see a long comment thread.

Audition: A Podcast from Mars Hill Audio


I was very pleased today to find a most welcome podcast: Audition from Mars Hill Audio.  The Mars Hill Audio Journal has been a wonderful staple for segmenting literature, science, art, theology, philosophy, and culture in an audio format.  It’s much like the format of many NPR programs, with a more poignant focus from a christian/theological perspective.  Ken Myers and the group at Mars Hill Audio has done a phenomenal job of attracting world reknown scholars, authors, and professors, as well as amassing more book/resource recommendations than one could every hope to read.  The Audio Journal comes out bi-monthly and costs $30/year and $55/2 years.  It is available in tape, CD, and MP3 download.  The podcast is free to add to your iTunes podcast library, and can also be downloaded freely on their site:  The cast only comes out monthy and are usually around 30 minutes in length.  For you convenience, I have included link to the available casts below:

Free Intro Level Theological Education


Here are more links that have been added to the page. These are all starter level classes taught mostly by seminary professors.  Registration is required for most of these courses.

Old Testament Survey, by Douglas Stuart

Old Testament Theology, by Paul House

New Testament Survey, by William Mounce

Inductive Bible Study, by George Guthrie

Bibliology and Hermeneutics, by Michael Patton

History of the English Bible, by Daniel Wallace

Greek Tools for Bible Study, by William Mounce

Introduction to Theology, by Michael Patton

Systematic Theology, by Bruce Ware

Trinitarianism, by Michael Patton

Worship, by Gary Parrett

The World Mission of the Church, by Timothy Tennant

Christian Ethics, by Ron Nash

Apologetics, by Ron Nash

Educational Ministry of the Church, by Gary Parrett

Advanced Worldview Analysis, by Ron Nash

Islam, by Timothy Tennant

Hinduism, by Timothy Tennant

Free Online Theological Journals and Publications


Just finished accumulating a decent list of free journals online for the page.  These are all worth bookmarking.

Biblical Theology Bulletin (Seton Hall University)

Biblica (Rome Pontifical Institute)

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Evangelical Theological Society)

Journal of Biblical Literature (Society of Biblical Literature)

Journal for the Study of the New Testament (Sheffield Academic Press)

Trinity Journal (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

Neotestamentica (New Testament Society of South Africa)

Filología Neotestamentaria (University of Cordoba)

Theology Today (Princeton Theological Seminary)

Kerux (Northwest Theological Seminary)

Denver Journal (Denver Seminary)

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Semeia (Society of Biblical Literature)

Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)

Criswell Theological Review (Criswell College)

Institute for Reformed Theology Bulletin (Union Theological Seminary)

Protestant Reformed Theological Journal (Protestant Reformed Theological School)

Western Reformed Seminary Journal (Western Reformed Seminary)

Currents in Theology & Mission (Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago)

The Master’s Seminary Journal (The Master’s Seminary)

Journal of Religion & Society (Creighton University)

Reformed Review (Western Theological Seminary)

Journal of Biblical Studies (exclusively online)

Journal for Christian Theological Research (Luther Seminary)

Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism (McMaster Divinity School)

McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry (McMaster Divinity School)

Stromata (Calvin Theological Seminary)

Journal of Ministry & Theology (Baptist Bible Seminary)

Concordia Theological Quarterly (Concordia Theological Seminary)

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism (Society of Biblical Literature)

Themelios (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship)

Vox Evangelica (London School of Theology)

Bulletin for Biblical Research (Institute for Biblical Research)

Evangelical Quarterly (Paternoster Press)